Acoustic Road

Serving New Jersey and Bucks County, PA since 2007, Acoustic Road is a NJ-based acoustic rock duo and classic rock duo specializing in the faithful re-creation of the legendary music that helped define the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond.

From mellow acoustic rock to high-energy classic rock favorites by such artists as The Allman Brothers, America, Beatles, CSN, Eagles, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, U2 and lots more, Acoustic Road performs the music that audiences know and love - but rarely have the opportunity to hear... especially performed live.  In addition to piano and guitar, many of their songs also feature bass, drums, strings, horns, etc.  All instrument sounds are performed by Acoustic Road (a process called sequencing) which gives their music a full-band sound and allows each song to sound as close as possible to the original version!  Check out their samples and you'll hear this for yourself!
With their strong lead vocals, precise harmonies, solid musicianship and reverence for every song they play, Acoustic Road consistently succeeds in with making audiences smile, sing along and have a great time!  If you're looking for high quality live classic acoustic rock duo for your next private party, corporate event, wedding, cocktail reception or other occasion, then look no further than Acoustic Road - The Best of Classic Rock and Acoustic Rock.  
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